Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 4th of July from Xtrema Cookware

"One flag, one land, one heart, one hand,One Nation evermore!"
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Xtrema 4th of July Freedom Promotion

To celebrate the freedom of this great country, Xtrema Cookware is offering a FREE 6" Non-Stick Flair Skillet valued at $59.99 with the purchase of the Xtrema 26 Piece Cookware Set at the extremely low price of $399.99. (Savings of $125 plus free 6" Flair Skillet)

Xtrema 26 Piece Set:
Retail Value: $524.99
Sale Price: $399.99

Free 6" Non-Stick Flair Skillet w/ 26 Piece Set
Retail value: $59.99

Happy 4th of July from the Xtrema Family! Enjoy your weekend with family, friends, fun, food and fireworks!! Let FREEDOM RING!!

Xtrema Cookware
"Taste the Difference"

For Health,
Patrick Bergstrom
Marketing Director
Xtrema Cookware

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  1. Wanted to make a comment on the Flare Cookware. WOW! I have the entire set of Xtrema cookware, tea set & bakeware. I'd tossed all my "traditional" non-stick cookware and missed it terribly, but got used to cooking at lower temps and sometimes, longer cooking times. Healthy cooking was the goal! Then I ordered the 4 piece Flare set. Again, WOW! It is truly non-stick and a delight to use sauteing veggies, then scrambling eggs in the same pan. And making crepes and pancakes. I would love to see Xtrema add more pieces to the Flare line, maybe starting with a flat griddle (round or square) for making grilled sandwiches. Thank you Xtrema for all your excellent products.