Monday, December 28, 2009

Xtrema Baked Penne Pasta

Xtrema Italian Baked Penne Pasta --

Greetings friends and Fellow Foodies,

Check out this Xtremely tasty and simple baked penne we cooked up over the Christmas Holiday for over 20 Xtremely happy and satisfied guests. This is a quick and easy way to impress family and friends, or to entertain guests at a small or large function.

What you need:

  • 1 Red Pepper chopped

  • 1 Yellow Pepper chopped

  • 1 medium Vidalia Onion Chopped

  • Brown 1/2 lb of loose Italian Hot Sausage

  • Add 1/2 cup of Sun Dried Tomatoes

  • Add 2 diced Garlic Cloves

  • Sprinkle Sea Salt and Black and Red Pepper to add some Xtrema Kick

  • 1 and 1/2 jars of Newman's Own Sockarooni Sauce

  • Layer with 16 oz of Mozzarella Cheese

  • 2 lbs of Penne Pasta

What to do:

Saute the chopped onions, peppers, sun dried tomatoes and brown the Hot Italian Sausage.

Sauce- Add the chopped onions, peppers, and browned Hot Italian Sausage to the Sockarooni Sauce and mix well.

Pasta- Boil as directed on the box using the Xtrema 5.5 qt. Sauce Pot

Using the Xtrema 3.75 Oblong Baking Dish, layer as follows;

  • Start with just sauce at the bottom of the pan; add layer of pasta

  • Add layer of Sockarooni Sauce and chopped vegetables

  • Add layer of mozzarella cheese

  • Repeat these steps one more time

  • Garnish with crushed Red Pepper, and fresh basil

Bake at 375 degrees for approximately 20-25 minutes or to brown and bubbly

Let cool for around 5 minutes and bring the dish straight to the table for a delicious Xtrema Hot Italian feast!

Happy Holidays,

The Xtrema Cook

Monday, December 7, 2009

Xtrema Live Chat

Introducing the new Xtrema Live Chat feature, making the Ceramcor website interactive to better service our customers.

Ceramcor is a New Jersey based innovative High Temperature Ceramics Cookware Company confident in our green initiative, but also in our customers' satisfaction. We believe in providing the consumer with the most innovative and "green" cookware in the entire world.

The live chat feature is just another way for us to connect with YOU the customer. Its, free and is easy to use. Just visit us at and access the live help chat button located in the bottom right of the home page. You will then be directed to ask a simple question, and we will be right there to answer it for you.

You will be speaking with Bob Bergstrom, one of the owners of Ceramcor, Xtrema Cookware. He is very knowledgeable on the product and can answer any of your questions or concerns.

We can't wait to chat with you and we hope you have an Xtrema Customer Experience with us. By chatting with us, you will also receive the most updated Xtrema promotions.

Thank You,

The Xtrema Cook

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Debra Lynn Dadd Green Living Q & A

Hey Xtrema Friends--

Check out this interesting article on Debra Lynn Dadd's Blog about stainless steal and how it leaches into your foods and beverages. This article is full of information and will really make you think about what you are cooking with...

Remember, Xtrema Cookware is made of 100% Ceramic, making it non-reactive and 100% non-toxic. Xtrema Cookware is the healthiest cookware in the world.

Here is a brief intro to Debra Lynn Dadd's Blog on stainless steal;

Stainless Steel Leaching into Food and Beverages

"Since I receive so many questions on this blog pertaining to products made from stainless steel, I thought I'd give you some background about what stainless steel is and how it leaches into various foods and beverages.

Steel is used to make a wide variety of industrial, construction, and consumer products. The largest use by far for consumer products is to make auto bodies and “tin cans” (actually made of steel with a very thin protective coating of tin), although it is also used to make appliances, cutlery, flatware, razor blades, cookware, water bottles, and many other items."

-- Debra Lynn Dadd

Please read this eye opening and informative blog at this link, and let us know what you think?


The Xtrema Cook

Friday, October 30, 2009

Xtrema Customer Testimonials

Here's what actual customers are saying about their Xtrema ceramic cookware and teaware.

Merry Christmas... my wife, who loves to cook and is a Certified Nutritionist just opened, and is already cooking with, your product. She is extremely happy.... thanks. Anyway, we will shortly be ordering from your website some additional items. God Bless,
- Jim T.

Hey there Bob, just talked to you few minutes ago on phone praising the cookware, you betcha it's the best on the planet...this cookware is an amazing introduction in cookware history. You named it so right, it is Xtremely Xtrema!!!!!!! Good going guys...
- Ruth

I'm swooning....I have never had such wonderful cookware.

Hello Bob, wow! Talk about customer service! We will DEFINITELY be buying more cookware from you, and we will spread the word about your excellent & sturdy yet lightweight ceramic cookware to all our friends. Thanks again for your help! God Bless,
- Anne Marie P

Thank you so much for starting your company and making such a wonderful product. For over a year I have been searching the internet for a truly safe cookware...the cast iron I use for my family is getting heavier every year. Plus, I wanted a safe way to heat water (for tea) and cook pasta. Xtrema does it all. Bye, Bye cast iron!
- The D. Family

I'm a cancer patient who needs to eat extremely well but who doesn't have the strength for endless scrubbing. I also want my cookware to be totally non-toxic. Xtrema has it all!!!! Gratefully,
- Elizabeth G.

Thanks for the teapot, Bob! We both want to thank you for making this incredible product available.....a real breakthrough for those of us who appreciate healthful, "non-reactive", easy cleaning, and quick cooking ware. Cheers,
- Ron

Hello Bob, My wife and I just purchased a 16 pc set of your cookware from our previous stainless steel cookware, I would get headaches almost whenever my wife cooked with it. No headaches with your cookware, thank you very much.
- Steve

We bought a set of 4 pieces from Mercola last week and oh my goodness...I can't say enough wonderful things about your cookware...aside from the fact that the design is works! Its light weight, it heats beautifully from the refrigerator to the stovetop. Sincerely,
- Marcia

Mr. Bergstrom, Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service. I received my Xtrema pot at my door step today. My husband and I are so impressed by your customer service that I felt compelled to let you know. I can begin my healthy cooking again thanks to your immediate response. God Bless!
- Jancy

You have a great product! We love it! Since I have a small organic garden (mostly tomatoes & squash in the summer & lettuce in the winter), my tomatoes recipes get rave reviews from our family & friends. Even a couple of ladies asked me if I had changed my old recipe and I said "Yes! Now I use Xtrema pots!"
- Beni

When I received my order the first thing I did was to test it out. First I boiled water for hot chocolate. Wow! Huge difference, the hot chocolate was rich, mush richer than previously made using a stainless steel teapot. Then I fried an egg in the Xtrema skillet and in a brand new Rachel Ray skillet. Unbelievable! The eggs were different colors, texture and flavors. I’ve now been using the cookware for several weeks and am extremely pleased with the product. The food tastes better, stays hot longer and seems to be juicier.
- Lesli

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Xtrema Chicken Stir Fry

What's Cooking Friends???

Wow, I just received the new Xtrema Ceramic 11’ Wok and just had to try it out. So we hit the local grocery store and picked up all the fixings for a wonderful Xtrema Stir Fry feast. Stir fry is a simple, yet very tasty meal and you can always add your own personal style and flair to it. We stayed pretty basic with this dinner and just used boneless chicken breast, and all the fresh vegetables. (Carrots, mushrooms, red and orange peppers, onions, and broccoli)

So we fired up the stove, through some EVO in the Xtrema Wok and added the cut chicken breast first. While the chicken was starting to cook, we chopped up the veggies and then added them to the chicken in the wok. We added some Pineapple-Wasabi Soy Sauce to give the Stir Fry some Xtrema flavor.

We were running short on time so we just picked up some delicious vegetable fried rice at our local Chinese Take-Out. Talk about quick and simple. We heated the rice in the Xtrema saucepot and then it was time to serve it up. Presto, we covered the rice with the chicken-veggie stir fry and we were eating in less than 30 minutes. Wow, was it full of flavor. I must say, the ceramic wok really brought out the zest in the chicken and veggies.

Xtrema Stir Fry in Xtremely No Time!!!

Healthy Cooking For Health Living,

The Xtrema Cook

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Xtrema Quality Customer Service

We offer Xtrema Quality Customer Service...Building new and lasting relationships, one customer at a time....That's Xtrema!!!!

Xtrema family and friends enjoying great food and fellowship on vacation at Sunset Beach, NC.

Ceramcor, with its Xtrema Cookware products, is a new and innovative high temperature ceramics cookware company. We believe in providing the consumer with the most innovative and "green" cookware in the entire world. Our products are 100% ceramic, meaning all Xtrema product materials are made of inorganic non-reactive natural minerals from our earth's crust. There is no other ceramic cookware like Xtrema!!!

Note: All Xtrema Ceramic Cookware is hand-crafted over a 20-day process.

Just like we believe in offering superior ceramic products, we also believe in honor and integrity and that you the customer is deserving of excellent (Xtrema service).

What is Xtrema Customer Service???

Xtrema Customer Service is answering each and every one of your e-mails or phone calls in the same day that it was sent and most often within 3 hours from the time of your submittal. We believe that your questions and concerns will make us a better and more responsive company. You are our customer and we will do everything in our power to treat you with honor and integrity. That is that the Xtrema way.

Experience Xtrema Customer Service!!

Healthy Cooking, For Healthy Living,

The Xtrema Cook

Monday, October 26, 2009

Xtrema Hot Chili and Cheese

Chili & Cheese

Here is another quick and tasty recipe from are friend and fellow cook, Vinie from Brooklyn, New York.

Brown 1 lb chop meat and 1 chopped onion in a 3.5 Qt saucepot

Then drain the liquid.

Stir in one 16 oz can of tomato sauce, one 16 oz. jar of salsa, 1 can of red kidney beans, one packet of McCormick Chili seasoning mix.

Add a cut up jalapeño pepper if you like it hot,and we sure like it Xtrema Hot!!

Add one cut up red pepper and one cut up green pepper.

You can serve this with either white rice or tortilla chips.

We hope you enjoy this Xtrema Chili!!

Think Xtrema for Healthy Cooking and Healthy Living!!

Best Wishes,

The Xtrema Cook

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Xtrema Cookware Review and Giveaway

Xtrema Ceramcor Cookware Review and Giveaway

Check out this awesome review on Xtrema Cookware and its performance!!! Now this is truly an "Xtrema Experience." Are you tired of cooking with the basic metal cookware?? Are you looking for a new and enjoyable cooking experience?? If so, Xtrema Healthy Ceramic Cookware is for you!!

-- Another Xtrema cooking experience!!

"As self-confessed kitchen gadget addicts, hubby and I are always on the lookout for the newest and greatest in cooking gear. Very rarely does a product come along that absolutely wows us and prompts us to write what just might be the raving-ist review we’ve ever written. Let’s all mark this date on the calendar as the day that we had virtually nothing bad to say about a product."

To view the entire review and to learn about the giveaway, please visit this link--

Have an Xtrema Day,

The Xtrema Cook

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back From China Trip

-Star Ferry at Queen Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong

-Rich and Partner Shirlin at the Factory

-Ocean view of Hong Kong

Message from Own and Founder of Xtrema Cookware Rich Bergstrom--

"I just got back from my 7 day trip to Hong Kong and to my factory in Chaozhou, China which is located southern Guangdong province. The food, fellowship and factory visit was wonderful."

-- Here are some photos taken from the 7-day trip to China. China is an amazing place to visit for work or pleasure. If you get a chance to make a trip out there, we totally recommend it. China is full of hard working and passionate people.

Happy Cooking and Healthy Living,

The Xtrema Cook

Xtrema Experience

A Message from one of the owners of Xtrema Cookware--

"As one of the owners of Ceramcor I have had the privilege of cooking exclusively with our Xtrema products for the past three years. The first thing I noticed was that food absolutely tastes better when prepared in our Xtrema cookware. The unique ceramic material allows the food when cooked to retain its moisture and it seals in the natural juices. Funny but when you watch all of the national cooking shows on television they never mention that that the cookware they are using will make your food taste better. They always say their recipe will make your food taste better. You know, if they cooked with Xtrema they could say both!

Have you had an Xtrema Experience"


Bob Bergstrom

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seafood Paella The Xtrema Way

Seafood and Rice-- The Xtrema Version of Paella

This delicious recipe comes to us from our good friend Vinnie, from Brooklyn, NYC. He loves to cook with Xtrema and we thought we would share this wonderful seafood meal with you. It's a simple dish and it is sure to Wow your guest. We hope you enjoy this and happy cooking. Remember, the Xtrema Way, is the Only Way. Healthy cooking for healthy living!! That's Xtrema!!!

Sauté 4 cloves of cut garlic and one chopped onion with some olive oil in 5 1/2 Qt sauce pot.

Add one 16 oz can of crushed tomatoes and 8 oz of water. Add fresh basil, oregano, salt and pepper. (Let this cook for 20 minutes.)

Add clams and mussels and cover pot, cook until the clams and mussels open their shells.

Add shrimp until they turn pink and I cook yellow rice separately and add to fish.

Sometimes, I cook Linguine and call that frutti de mare. firm. You can also add a cut up lobster to this dish. If you do add the lobster, put it in the pot along with the mussels. If you need more liquid, you can add water or bottled clam juice.

1lb. large shrimp, 2 lbs. mussels, 2 dozen clams

Paella The Xtrema Way,

The Xtrema Cook

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fitness Coach Raves Ceramic Cookware

Fitness Coach Dana Moritz from Missouri has an Xtrema Experience. A few weeks ago, Dana contacted us and was interested in our healthy ceramic cookware. We sent her a few of our top products and she put them to the test.
This is a bit of what she had to say about her cooking experience with Xtrema...
-- " I have found some of the best cookware ever! Xtrema cookware is non-stick cookware that addresses today's growing desire for a healthier cooking alternatives. I don't like using the standard non-stick cookware that scratches and can leach into your food.
Xtrema is also very functional. You can use them in the microwave, under the broiler and on the stovetop. This versatility means less clean up - I am all about that!!! The Xtrema cookware is also pretty! The tea pot is so beautiful, I leave it on my stovetop for everyone to see."
To read more of Dana's review on Xtrema and to find out more about her healthy living life style, please visit her blog at
If you are looking for a new and healthy cooking experience?? Xtrema is the cookware for you!!!
Happy Cooking,
The Xtrema Cook

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whats Cooking Today?

It was a beautiful hot summer night here in Maryland and we decided to fire up the grill, break out the Xtrema Cookware and cook up some delicious hot Italian sausage topped with fresh onions and peppers.

We are by no means cooking experts or gourmet chefs, we just love food and cooking with Xtrema! This is a quick and simple meal. Here is what we did--

Diced up some fresh onions and peppers from the garden, then dropped them into the 12-inch Xtrema brassier skillet with a bit of EVO and cooked them on medium heat for 10 minutes.

While the onions and peppers where sauteing on the stove, we fired up the grill and cooked up the hot sausage. We added a bit of sun dried tomato salad dressing to add a bit of flavor to the sausage. When the sausage was cooked, we placed them on the Xtrema Skillet and garnished them with fresh parmesan and parsley. We then melted the cheese on the grill and brought the skillet right to the table. Hot and tasty!!!

For a side, we chopped up a few potatoes, added some seasoning salt and oil and baked them in the over for about 20 minutes.

Preparation time was just around 30 minutes or less. Not bad at all. Check out the finished work and WOW was this good.....XTREMA GOOD!

Good Food, Good Fellowship and Great Fun!

Happy Eating,

The Xtrema Cook

Xtrema Melt Down

Check out the latest video from Team Xtrema!! MELT DOWN-- The Xtrema Ceramic Cookware is put to an Xtreme heating and cooling test along side its aluminum counterpart. The Xtrema Ceramic cookware withstands the heat and cooling process while the aluminum cookware breaks down and melts.

We understand that you won't be cooking at these extreme temperatures, however it shows the amazing durability of this natural product. Xtrema Cookware is made of 100% ceramic which comes directly from the earth, meaning it is environmentally green.

This is extremely healthy cookware for healthy eating. Cooking with ceramics allows you to cook at lower temperatures and it sustains the heat throughout the serving process. No more cold food on the table!!! Xtrema Cookware also makes the food taste better, give it a try and find out for yourself.

Happy Cooking,

The Xtrema Cook