Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Xtrema Cookware!

Xtrema Healthy Cookware Thanksgiving/Black Friday Sale

We wanted to say thank you to "you" the cusmtomer by offering the biggest Xtrema Cookware Sale Ever!! That's right, 25% off all Xtrema Cookware, Bakeware, and Teaware. The Thanksgiving/Black Friday Sale begins on Thursday November 24th and ends on Tuesday November 29th. Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend from all of us at Xtrema Healthy Cookware!

25 Piece Ceramic Cookware Set - BEST VALUE EVER

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanksgiving Blessings,
Patrick Bergstrom
Xtrema Healthy Cookware

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's New with Xtrema Cookware

Hello Xtrema Cookware Fans and Followers! We just wanted to take a moment to introduce the latest additions to the Xtrema Healthy Cookware Line. We currently have 4 new products and they can be purchased right now. The new cookware items include; The Xtrema 4 Qt Covered Soup Pot, The Xtrema 4 Piece Steamer Cookware Set, The Xtrema 16 Oz 4 Piece Soup Pot Set and The Xtrema 4.5" Skillet.

Here's a look at the 4 Qt Soup Pot and the 4.5" Skillet.

The 4 Qt Soup Pot has a unique shape and is very versatile. It is great for making homeade bake beans - chili & soup. It's easy to carry handles make it a breeze to carry to the dinner table for serving. Homemade cooking never tasted so good!

4.5" Mini Skillet is great for cooking one egg, sauteing one onion or pepper. Due to its small size you can take in anywhere!

Feel free to visit us at  or just click on the products above to see the rest of our cookware line.

For Health,

Patrick Bergstrom

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mom's Homemade Vegetable Barley Soup

Winter is officially upon us...

It's time for warm soup and sitting by the fireplace!

Who would of thought we would have snow up and down the East Coast in October?? Given the cold weather, snow and being stuck inside, we decided to cook up some of Mom's Homemade Vegetable Barley Soup. I had to give her a call because the recipe isn't written down anywhere-- she just kind of throws stuff in and it turns out great.

So here's how you make this healthy, quick and easy vegetable soup:


1/2 Cup Chopped Onion
1 Clove Garlic Minced
5 Cups Water
2 (14 1/2 oz) Can of Tomatoes (Petite Diced)
3/4 Cup Quaker Quick Barley
1/2 Sliced Celery
1/2 Cup Sliced Carrots
2 Beef Bouillon Cubes
1/2 Dried Basil
1 Bay Leaf
1 Turnip Peeled and Diced
1/2 Cup Frozen Peas


In your Xtrema Saucepan, sautee onion and garlic until tender. Stir in remaining ingredients except frozen peas. Cover, bring to a boil. Reduce heat, simmer 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add frozen peas; cook about 10 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Additional water or beef broth may be added if soup becomes to thick upon standing.

This pretty simple vegetable soup recipe packs a tasty punch and delivers a healthy warm meal for the coldest of days....

Give it a try and let us know what you think? If your looking to spice it up a bit like I do, then I would suggest adding some Melinda's Hot Sauce.

Happy Healthy Cooking,

Patrick Bergstrom

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cook 'N Treat Xtrema Cookware Halloween Sale

Save 10% off all Cookware, Bakeware and Teaware from Wednesday October 26th
Through Tuesday November 1st

Let the kids Trick 'R Treat while you Cook 'N Treat yourself to a 10% off discount on all Xtrema Healthy Cookware!

Xtrema Healthy Cookware

Come visit Xtrema Healthy Cookware and enjoy great savings to celebrate the beautiful fall season!
Go Green, Cook Healthy and Save Green!

Xtrema Cookware
"Taste the Difference"

For Health,
Patrick Bergstrom
Xtrema Cookware

Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Cook Pancakes with Xtrema

Healthy Pancakes??
Xtrema is all about healthy and green living. We make our products with the customer and the environment in mind. We are always searching for healthy living tips, tricks and great recipes. Recently we came across Runner's Pancakes on Spark Recipes! If you like to get a good workout in then these batch of Pancakes are for you!

Here's how we suggest cooking these pancakes with Xtrema:

Heat your skillet on medium for 60 seconds and then spray on coconut or canola oil. Place batter in the skillet. Flip when the top of the batter bubbles & remove the pancakes when done to your liking.
Runners Pancake Recipe:
1/2 cup uncooked oatmeal
1/2 cup fat free egg beaters or egg white equivalent
1/2 cup fresh blueberries
1 tablespoon honey
Stevia (optional)

Place mix all ingredients in small bowl and blend using a stick blender or can be made in a food processor or stand blender!!! Mix only until berries a slightly broken--2-3 pulses should be sufficient!!!

Let stand 5- 10 minutes to thicken!!! Can be made the night before and cooked in the morning!!!

Use olive oil or spray a non stick pan with non stick spray and heat before adding batter!!! Divide evenly into 3 pancake and cook thoroughly before attempting to turn!!! Cook evenly on both sides and cook even golden brown! Get outside early in the morning for a nice run and then come back and fire up that Xtrema and get cooking.
This recipe was found at

Happy Healthy Living,
Patrick Bergstrom

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Win a Free Xtrema 9" Non-Stick Flair Skillet

Do you love Xtrema Healthy Cookware?? Or are you just looking to replace your old unhealthy metal cookware?? Or maybe you are just looking to experience ceramic cookware for the first time??

Well now's your chance to get your hands on some Xtrema for free!! We are always participating in exciting giveaways and we wanted to share this one with you.

-- Sammi's Blog Of Life Xtrema 9" Flair Giveaway --

The contest is very simple! Just visit the link below and post why you would like to own a piece of Xtrema Healthy Cookware. There are also many other ways to enter like following us on Twitter and Facebook. Here is the link to the giveaway. Good Luck!

This is what Sammi's Blog of life had to say about her new Xtrema Flair Non-Stick Skillet:

"The best part of this pan is that the food slides out with ease because of the shape of the pan. I didn't even spray Pam into the pan before cooking because I wanted to see how well the non-stick coating worked. I slid my omelet onto my plate practically effortlessly and there was barely any food residue left in the pan afterwards. I've had pans before where egg and cheese residue was left in the pan and it was a pain to get out. The pan is dishwasher safe which is a nice added bonus. I highly recommend Xtrema for any of your future cooking needs."

Thanks for stopping by Xtrema's Healthy Cookware Blog!

For Health,

Patrick Bergstrom

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School Xtrema Cookware Sale

It's back to school time again!! That means getting the kids off to school, packing lunches, helping with homework, sports, band practices, dance lessons, meetings and the list just goes on and on!! We also recognize that back to school means BACK TO COOKING!! The vacations are over and it's time to get back in the kitchen while the kids are off learning at school! To help you celebrate the start to another exciting school year, we would like to offer an Xtrema Cookware Special!!
Back to Cooking
Xtrema Cookware Promotion
SAVE $20

3 Piece Skillet Set with 10" Cover

Regular Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $109.99

Now that the kids are all stocked up on pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, backpacks, lunch boxes and back to school clothes!! Why not treat yourself to the healthiest skillet on the planet at the lowest price ever!! Stock up your kitchen now with the Xtrema 3 Piece Ceramic Skillet Set!!

For Health And Cooking,
Patrick Bergstrom - Marketing
Ceramcor, LLC- Xtrema Cookware
Phone: 301-824-3219

Friday, July 8, 2011

Xtrema Tomato Pie

Tomato Pie baked in the Xtrema 9" Pie Plate:

Taste the difference baking w/ Xtrema Healthy Cookware!!
9" unbaked pie crust
1 cup of shredded Mozzarella, divided
4 fresh tomatoes, seeded and chopped
1 onion, chopped
10 to 12 fresh basil leaves, chopped
1 cup of shredded Cheddar cheese
1 cup of mayonnaise
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
Prick bottom of pie crust several times with the tines of a fork; bake at 425 degrees for 8-10 minutes in the Xtrema 9" Pie Plate.
Sprinkle bottom of pie crust with 1/4 cup of Mozzarella cheese. Layer with half each of tomatoes, onion and basil; repeat layers. Combine 3/4 cup of mozzarella cheese, Cheddar cheese and mayonnaise. Spread mixture over top of pie; sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Bake at 350 degrees on bottom rack of overn for 35 to 40 minutes. Let stand for 15 minutes before serving. (serves 6)
Recipe by Shella Willis found in All Through the Seasons Recipes and Crafts Book
Note: This recipe makes of a delicious healthy meal!! We just happen to have fresh grown basil and tomatoes which added some extra zest to the Tomato Pie!! Xtrema Good!! Xtrema Healthy!
Receive $10 off the Xtrema 9" Ceramic Pie Plate by entering the Coupon Code: pie10
Happy Healthy Cooking,
Patrick Bergstrom

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 4th of July from Xtrema Cookware

"One flag, one land, one heart, one hand,One Nation evermore!"
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Xtrema 4th of July Freedom Promotion

To celebrate the freedom of this great country, Xtrema Cookware is offering a FREE 6" Non-Stick Flair Skillet valued at $59.99 with the purchase of the Xtrema 26 Piece Cookware Set at the extremely low price of $399.99. (Savings of $125 plus free 6" Flair Skillet)

Xtrema 26 Piece Set:
Retail Value: $524.99
Sale Price: $399.99

Free 6" Non-Stick Flair Skillet w/ 26 Piece Set
Retail value: $59.99

Happy 4th of July from the Xtrema Family! Enjoy your weekend with family, friends, fun, food and fireworks!! Let FREEDOM RING!!

Xtrema Cookware
"Taste the Difference"

For Health,
Patrick Bergstrom
Marketing Director
Xtrema Cookware

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from Xtrema!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Moms out there!! Wishing you a blessed and joyous day with your children, family and friends!! Today we thank you for taking on the most difficult job in the world!! Today we thank you for being the mother that you are!! Happy Mother's Day and enjoy it!!

"I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." ~Abraham Lincoln

The Xtrema Family

Monday, April 11, 2011

Xtrema is off to Chaozhou, China!!

-- 1st Xtrema Cookware Trip of 2011 to China --

(Photo from past trip to China)

This time next week Bob and I will be in China working with our production staff at our factory in Chaozhou, China. We are excited about this trip and our main purpose is to review the many new products that we have been working on here in the United States for the past year. We will keep you updated about the trip through Facebook and Twitter. Blessings and thanks for being the smartest and most caring cookware customers in the world!

The Xtrema 10 Qt Soup Pot Prototype: Look for this at the end of 2011!!

For Health,

Rich Bergstrom
President and Founder Ceramcor Xtrema Cookware

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Xtrema Grill Off Recipe Contest


The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and we want to celebrate the Spring Season by giving all are Xtrema Fans and followers a chance to win some "free" Xtrema Cookware!! So get outside, fire up your grill, invite your friends over and cook up your favorite grill recipe!! The contest is simple!! All you have to do is post your favorite grill recipe and photos to the Xtrema Healthy Cookware Facebook Page at;!/pages/Xtrema-Healthy-Cookware/120494238929?sk=wall

The owners of Xtrema Cookware, Bob and Rich Bergstrom will then review all the recipes and photos and pick their favorite. There will be 2 winners and action shots of you cooking on the grill could really up your chances for winning!! Be creative!! If you don't use facebook then you can email your recipe entry to Patrick Bergstrom at Just put "grill contest" in the subject headline.

The 2 winners will receive the The Xtrema 3 Piece Skillet Set valued at $134.99

Start Date: April 5th

End Date: May 20th

The winners will be announced Memorial Day Weekend.

For Health,

Patrick Bergstrom
Internet Marketing

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Healthy Cookware 101

Healthy Cookware 101: Is Non-Stick Cookware Safe?

I found this article on non-stick cookware and I thought I would share it. It goes into detail on the evolution of non-stick cookware and how now experts are sounding alarms about the potential health risks of cooking with non-stick metal cookware.

Here is a brief section of the article talking about the various cookware options for consumers;

WORST COOKWARE OPTIONS: Highly reactive materials like synthetic non-stick, aluminum and copper

Non-stick cookware The coating used on synthetic non-stick cookware (even the newer types marketed as “greener” or “healthier”) contains plastic polymers, which when heated, emit noxious fumes that contain chemicals that have been proven to be carcinogenic in humans. I urge you to avoid non-stick pans and utensils at all costs.

Aluminum: Studies have linked aluminum exposure to Alzheimer’s and other cognitive problems. Most experts advise avoiding aluminum cookware, including the newer anondized aluminum cookware, as well as aluminum foil completely.

Copper: Copper cookware has a coating that is supposed to prevent copper from coming into contact with food. However, this coating can wear away over time, allowing the copper itself to come into direct contact with food, which can lead to copper toxicity.

If you still have non-stick cookware in your home, I think it’s a good idea to think about investing in healthier alternatives. There are affordable healthy cookware options out there, and considering that it’s something you probably use almost daily, and that it lasts for years, you can’t really go wrong.

Please visit the link below to read the rest of this article and to find out what the healthiest cookware options are for you and your family....

The article was posted by John Corn, Founder of

I hope you enjoy this very informative article on healthy cookware!!

Have an Xtrema Day,

Patrick Bergstrom

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Introducing the Xtrema 26 Piece Set

The New 26 Piece Set:

Available March 8th-SUPER SPECIAL PRICE - SAVE $125.00 - Free Shipping in the USA."Experience the Xtrema Difference"

This is a step up from the 20 Piece Set which we have carried for the past year. This new set has everything from the 20 Piece Set plus a few more cookware items to stock your kitchen with.

The 26 Piece Xtrema Set includes the 6.5" Open Skillet, the 16 Oz, 1.25 qt., 2.5 qt. and 3.5 qt. Sauce Pot with covers, the 10 inch Skillet with cover, 2 black cotton/silicone pot holders,a 6piece nylon tool set & 1 nylon brush pot scrubber, 4 Silicone Handle Pot Holders & 1 Silicone skillet handle pot holder and 11" Silicone Splatter Screen.

Here is what one fan of Xtrema had to say about her Xtrema 20 Piece Set;

I ordered and received the 20 piece set about 2 weeks ago, and all I have to say is this is the BEST cookware I have used in the 20 years I have been cooking. I cook a lot of curry and rice items, and I've been using stainless steel pretty much all my life. I never knew my food could taste twice as better in ceramic cookware otherwise I would've ordered much longer ago. The set heats evenly and I barely have to use high heat. I can heat things up 30 minutes before serving, and the food stays warm on the table. No running back and forth trying to serve off of the stove! Clean up is a blessing as well because I don't have to scour or scrub. Food and grease washes off with amazing ease with a regular sponge. The only thing I wish Xtrema would include is a silicone lid lifter because the lid does tend to get hot, and it can be kind of tricky trying to pick it up with a regular kitchen mitt. other than that small issue, this set is simply perfect and it has made my life so much easier. I gave away all my other stainless steel cookware but I wish I would've just thrown it away and asked everyone to buy their own Xtrema products. I am a true fan!

~ Annie from Dallas, Texas

Check it out and see what you think....

For Health,


Friday, February 25, 2011

New Xtrema Review and Giveaway

Xtrema 10" Braiser/Skillet Ceramic Cookware Review & Giveaway (ARV $130)

I have been making lots of changes in our kitchen in the past few years- we went to stainless for most of our pots and pans...I use a cast iron skillet for a lot of our cooking (easy way to get extra iron in)...and I was really intrigued by the ceramic cookware I have been hearing so much about lately.

Xtrema sent us a 10" Braiser/Skillet with lid to try out. I have to tell you that I LOVE this so so much. Its non-scratch ceramic cookware, so care of it is super easy - but its also great for cooking and baking- I can brown meat in it, I can bake things, braise them, put them in the fridge, the stovetop, the microwave, the oven...even the GRILL (which I haven't tried yet but we do plan to.....

To read the rest of this review and to enter the contest for a chance to win the Xtrema Braiser, please visit This Mamma Loves Her Bargains Blog at

"I am smitten with this cookware. I want more!! I'm actually really excited about using it, like a kid with a new toy. Knowing that its safe and made with green practices makes it even better!!"

Check it out and good luck!!

For Health,

The Xtrema Cook

Monday, January 10, 2011

Xtrema Non-Stick Flair Skillet Set Review Giveaway Contest

To kick off 2011, we are bringing back The Xtrema Sweepstakes Cookware Contest Giveaways!!

We want to thank all are current Xtrema customers by giving you an opportunity to win the new Xtrema "Flair" Non-Stick Skillet Set!!

January/February Xtrema Review Contest:

This contest is simple!! All you have to do to enter is simply visit the Xtrema website at and post a review of a current Xtrema product that you own. The reviews section of the website is found under each specific product at You can post a review and even add pictures. The owners of Xtrema, Bob and Rich Bergstrom will hold a drawing at the end of February to randomly pick the winner which will again receive the Xtrema Flair Skillet Set.

Note if you cook with several Xtrema products, feel free to post as many reviews as you would like. Each review gives you an additional entry into the final drawing.

Start Date: Jan 15th
End Date: Feb 25th

Please email after you posted the review so we can enter you in the contest.

We look forward to reading all your wonderful reviews and wish you the best of luck in winning the new "Flair" Skillet Set.

Go Green, Be Healthy, Cook with Xtrema!!

All the Best,