Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Healthy Cookware 101

Healthy Cookware 101: Is Non-Stick Cookware Safe?

I found this article on non-stick cookware and I thought I would share it. It goes into detail on the evolution of non-stick cookware and how now experts are sounding alarms about the potential health risks of cooking with non-stick metal cookware.

Here is a brief section of the article talking about the various cookware options for consumers;

WORST COOKWARE OPTIONS: Highly reactive materials like synthetic non-stick, aluminum and copper

Non-stick cookware The coating used on synthetic non-stick cookware (even the newer types marketed as “greener” or “healthier”) contains plastic polymers, which when heated, emit noxious fumes that contain chemicals that have been proven to be carcinogenic in humans. I urge you to avoid non-stick pans and utensils at all costs.

Aluminum: Studies have linked aluminum exposure to Alzheimer’s and other cognitive problems. Most experts advise avoiding aluminum cookware, including the newer anondized aluminum cookware, as well as aluminum foil completely.

Copper: Copper cookware has a coating that is supposed to prevent copper from coming into contact with food. However, this coating can wear away over time, allowing the copper itself to come into direct contact with food, which can lead to copper toxicity.

If you still have non-stick cookware in your home, I think it’s a good idea to think about investing in healthier alternatives. There are affordable healthy cookware options out there, and considering that it’s something you probably use almost daily, and that it lasts for years, you can’t really go wrong.

Please visit the link below to read the rest of this article and to find out what the healthiest cookware options are for you and your family....


The article was posted by John Corn, Founder of http://www.stopagingnow.com/liveinthenow/

I hope you enjoy this very informative article on healthy cookware!!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Introducing the Xtrema 26 Piece Set

The New 26 Piece Set:

Available March 8th-SUPER SPECIAL PRICE - SAVE $125.00 - Free Shipping in the USA."Experience the Xtrema Difference"

This is a step up from the 20 Piece Set which we have carried for the past year. This new set has everything from the 20 Piece Set plus a few more cookware items to stock your kitchen with.

The 26 Piece Xtrema Set includes the 6.5" Open Skillet, the 16 Oz, 1.25 qt., 2.5 qt. and 3.5 qt. Sauce Pot with covers, the 10 inch Skillet with cover, 2 black cotton/silicone pot holders,a 6piece nylon tool set & 1 nylon brush pot scrubber, 4 Silicone Handle Pot Holders & 1 Silicone skillet handle pot holder and 11" Silicone Splatter Screen.

Here is what one fan of Xtrema had to say about her Xtrema 20 Piece Set;

I ordered and received the 20 piece set about 2 weeks ago, and all I have to say is this is the BEST cookware I have used in the 20 years I have been cooking. I cook a lot of curry and rice items, and I've been using stainless steel pretty much all my life. I never knew my food could taste twice as better in ceramic cookware otherwise I would've ordered much longer ago. The set heats evenly and I barely have to use high heat. I can heat things up 30 minutes before serving, and the food stays warm on the table. No running back and forth trying to serve off of the stove! Clean up is a blessing as well because I don't have to scour or scrub. Food and grease washes off with amazing ease with a regular sponge. The only thing I wish Xtrema would include is a silicone lid lifter because the lid does tend to get hot, and it can be kind of tricky trying to pick it up with a regular kitchen mitt. other than that small issue, this set is simply perfect and it has made my life so much easier. I gave away all my other stainless steel cookware but I wish I would've just thrown it away and asked everyone to buy their own Xtrema products. I am a true fan!

~ Annie from Dallas, Texas

Check it out and see what you think....


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